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The the US Department of Homeland Security announced this month that it will wait until 2018 to enforce requirements under the Federal Real ID Law for air travel.  Minnesota officials had expressed concern that our state ID and driver's licenses would be ineligible to be used for identification for air travel.  They will now be accepted until 2018, but will not be acceptable at federal buildings, military bases and nuclear power plants.

Happy Leap Day: 5 things you probably didn't know


While everybody knows why a Leap Year is necessary (go back to your primary school Science textbooks if you don’t remember or click on this link if you’re feeling particularly lazy and forgetful), there are a host of other interesting facts about the quadrennial phenomenon. Here are a few:

Why February gets to be the lucky month to host the Leap day:

While every child in school knows why a Leap Year exists, why February gets to be the lucky month is omitted in most textbooks. Place the blame the Roman Emperor Caesar Augustus. It is believed that Augustus was miffed about the fact that the month of August — named after him — contained only 29 days, while July — named after Julius Caesar — had 31 days. In the battle of the egos, poor February lost out and was compensated with by being granted the Leap Day.

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For a change, women are expected to propose to the men:

It is, in fact, a ‘right’ granted to women. One of the popular theories suggests the tradition originated in Britain and goes back hundreds of years when the Leap Year was not legally recognised. That is why it is called a Leap Year — as the day was ‘leapt over’ in the calendar. This made it a deviant day with no legal status, making a break in tradition acceptable. In some European countries, a rejected woman was supposed to be gifted 12 pairs of gloves by the man who spurned her.

The odds of being born a ‘leapling’:

The odds of being born a Leap Day baby are 1:1461. Some mathematicians argue that the figure is slightly incorrect, accommodating the loss of three Leap Years every 400 years. The odds of both mother and child being born on a Leap Day lie somewhere in the range of 2 million to 1. There is, in fact, a global society formed in the honour of leaplings, and all leaplings are invited to join ‘The Honor society of Leap Year Day Babies’. The Guinness Book of World Records has listings of a family producingthree consecutive generations born on February 29, and of the number of children born on February 29 in the same family.

There’s an official Leap Year capital of the world:

In 1998, the town of Anthony in Texas, USA, declared itself to be the ‘Leap Year Capital of the World’. While the initial appeal for the title was said to be due to two members of its Chamber of Commerce being born leaplings, a Chamber member later made an honest admission that, “We just voted arbitrarily to name this as the Leap Year Capital of the World because no one else has.” Anthony hosts a parade and a huge birthday party for all leaplings on every February 29.

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There’s even a Leap second!

An extra second was added in June 2015 to bring the Earth’s rotation in line with the atomic time — the earth’s rotation is slowing down at a rate of 2,000th of a second per day. Yes, there actually was a 11.59.60 on the clocks immediately before midnight. This was done to avoid the eventuality when the clocks would display noon time at night. Since most automated processes in the world rely on precise timings, a similar addition in 2012 created a massive crash in services of Mozilla, Reddit, Foursquare, Yelp, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon and the Linux Operating System and other programmes written in Java.

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That Minnesota is the second strongest state in the union, according to an analysis by Politico?  The magazine looked at 15 categories, including per capita annual income, unemployment rates, poverty levels and high school graduation rates. New Hampshire was number one.

Creating a Checklist to Stay on Top of Home Maintenance Tasks



It's easy to put off basic home maintenance. Sometimes it feels like there's so much of it, and it doesn't help that some tasks are done only once in a while so they're easy to overlook. Simplify your life by taking the time to compile a list of the most important jobs, and use it to keep your home maintained. You'll find that the effort will serve you -- and your home -- for years to come.

Make a list of tasks. Start by brainstorming all the maintenance that should be completed over the course of the year. Start with obvious tasks like changing the HVAC system's air filter monthly and review appliance manuals, home warranties and other documents that list required maintenance. You can also look over ready-made lists online to ensure you include all of the important chores.

Organize by frequency. Next, grab a yearly calendar (paper or digital) and organize each job by how often it needs to be done. Make an entry on the calendar for each task, including recurring ones like that monthly filter change and twice-a-year gutter cleaning. You get the picture.

Set timely reminders. Setting up alerts is a critical part of the process. Forgetfulness is often the reason home maintenance doesn't get done. Set a reminder alert for each task on your smartphone or subscribe to ongoing alerts from a site like HomeSpot. Also use the calendar for reminders to purchase necessary supplies, like buying replacement batteries for smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors.

Once you get an organized system established, you'll find it's much easier to tackle home maintenance tasks on time. You'll enjoy a relatively hassle-free way to take care of your home year-round.

Did you know...


Minnesota's population is at an all time high?  5,489,594 people live in this wonderful state according to the US Census Bureau.  We are ranked 21st nationally in population, just behind our neighboring Wisconsin and just ahead of Colorado!

Tips for moving with kids


Give the Kids Age-Appropriate Responsibilities

By delegating responsibilities to your kids, they can feel more included in the entire moving process, which can help them feel more in control and ease the transition. Here are a few tasks that kids can help with:

  • Build moving boxes
  • Pack their clothes and toys
  • Label boxes
  • Keep inventory on moving supplies
  • Shred discarded personal papers

In the weeks leading up to the move, assign your kids tasks like purging their toys and clothes of items that are no longer used. Hold a family meeting or two to check in with everyone and check items off of your to-do list. Giving kids a sense of ownership over moving-related tasks can be really helpful to take the focus off the fear of the unknown that often comes with moving.

Pack a Few “Now” Boxes

A box labeled “now” will be filled with essentials that should be the last on, first off the moving truck. Pack a “now” box for each of your children, labeled with their names and “now,” containing all of their favorite toys, books and comfort items. Having these important contents readily available upon arrival will keep the little ones occupied as you start to unpack at your new place.

Don’t forget to pack a “now” box for the grownups, too. Instead of toys though, yours should include essentials for the kitchen and bathroom, like the coffee maker, paper towels, toilet paper, a few bath towels, soap, snacks, a box cutter and some cutlery.

Call for Backup

You’ll be significantly more efficient at getting everything from point A to point B by arranging for childcare in advance, preferably offsite. Moving experts suggest setting up playdates for each child to help ease the stress of this transition for everyone. And without your littles underfoot, you’ll be able to get things done at lightning speed by comparison.

Arrange for childcare help during the week following moving day as well, suggests parenting experts at PBS. This will help you get unpacked and settled faster, so you can get rid of all of the boxes and your family can get adjusted to your new environment.

Create a Moving Day Kit

This should include everything you’ll need to get through the big day. Start by creating a binder with your to-do list, extra paper and any necessary paperwork from the movers, your new place, and anything else you might need to reference on moving day. Store everything in a big clear plastic box, so you can see everything easily.

Fill the box with snacks, bottled water, cleaning supplies, a few rolls of packaging tape, permanent markers, scissors, box cutters, a roll of toilet paper and paper towels. Include a box of plastic zip-top bags to contain any small items during the loading process, like the screws to assemble your bedframe.

Clean First

Your new home will likely be spick and span upon arrival, however, it won’t hurt to give the entire place a quick once over before arriving with the first load of boxes. Ensure that everything is clean for the kids by wiping down all of the countertops with disinfectant. Give the tub a quick scrub as well so that it’s squeaky clean for the first bathtime in your new digs.

Did you know...


That Buffalo building permits increased in 2015?  Most of the uptick was in commercial projects.  Two new commercial retail sites were purchased by Ebert Construction near Culver's and Ryan's off Hwy 55 and the completion of the Trailblazer Transit building will be complete by spring! Great local employment opportunities and good to see the City grow!

Are you feeling lucky?


Everybody is talking about this 'never before jackpot.' $1.4 billion dollars (with a cash payout of $868 million) for Wednesday's Powerball drawing. Wow!

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Did you know...


That a total of $1500 was given out by the Buffalo Police Department to people in need or just randomly to inspire good will this holiday season. The message from the Bounce Back Project was put into action.  Local physicians, the Buffalo Rotary Club and the Buffalo Police Department all contributed towards funding the activity.  KSTP, KARE 11, WCCO and Fox 9 all covered the story!

To learn more about the initiative for community support visit 

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